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You have 3 minutes to find your mothers magenta shard and complete the ritual. Need i say more ?

Actually i probably should, this game is a result of a 48 hour game jam where things turned weird quite fast.

First i'll start with words of warning, the sound is horribly erratic and can become very loud at some points.. so just bear that in mind. Also under no circumstances use the in-game menu, it is so very broken (there are most likely reasons as to why we kept it in.. maybe, i don't know).

Standard WASD controls with mouse
Left click - Pick up objects / throw objects
Right click - drop objects
Shift - Sprint

I hope you enjoy this.. uhm.. game ?

Install instructions

Simply open up the zip file and run the MothersMagenta.exe file located inside


MothersMagenta.zip 37 MB


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Pretty bonkers.


Wth was this even?



This game is really weird..... And I love it. ;)