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You play as Harry Delightful who is investigating a murder, simultaneously seeing the crime scene before and after the murder. 
Set in a penthouse apartment in a Noir-ish world with hints of #Horror.

Made for the United Game Jam. Theme was "Two", our interpretation of it was to have two different camera perspectives at once, the before and after.

WASD and mouse for movement
E to Interact (If you press L while interacting with something, you get kicked out of the apartment.. its a small bug)
L to open/close Journal
Esc to exit Inventory

Assets were all created during the United game Jam aside from a sword model which was made a long time ago. Some snippets of code were reused from previous projects.

Made by:

Natalie Bond
Sophie Capeci
Alexis Martineau
Ace "Anchry" Larusson
Sarah Lanaway


TheCaseOfMrDelightful.zip 56 MB


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Loved it. 

10/10 voice acting as well :) 

Thanks for the fun :D! 

I love the execution, almost like a "spot the difference" puzzle, but with, you know, a dead guy.

I have to be honest though, did you forget to put the folly sounds in the narration portion? I absolutely lost my mind when I heard "DOOR SLAM!".

sounds were all by design 

Haha, then they were perfect.

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wow nice puzzle out there especially the key , and the narration was good controls were difficult to play but the gameplay was good I like to solve the case haha it must took you people a lot of effort I appreciate it :)


I need link bro to play :)

The download is at the bottom of the page, right above where your comment is :)

cool I will play now :D